Current Cost of UCLA Tuition


Nonresidents add supplement of


UCLA fees cost about: $2,690
Last updated: August 29, 2013
To be exact: The $11,220.00 “tuition” is only a small portion of the total mandatory fees for attending UCLA. Fees come to $2,690 for residents of California and $25,568 for non-residents (because it includes a “supplemental tuition”).

You may see the number $12,192 cited frequently by press and the university. They call these “mandatory charges” — that’s tuition (the number above) plus a “Student Services Fee” of $972.

In reality, if you go to UCLA, you’re responsible for most/all of the $2,690 in fees. Fees include: student services fee, Undergraduate Student Association fee, Green Initiative fee, Ackerman Student Union fee, Ackerman/Kerckhoff Seismic fee, Wooden Center fee, Student Program, Activities & Resources Center fee and Medical Insurance fee (GSHIP/USHIP). None of these numbers include individual course fees and other materials. Want details? UCLA has some.

Disclaimer: The tuition posted here is an estimate based on what UCLA publishes and the Registrar’s Office says they “may not be final.” State funding and other issues can always change the number. A student’s final balance due may differ from the amounts shown.

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